create a scenario, as if this project were being completed face-to-face. Identif

create a scenario, as if this project were being completed face-to-face. Identify the chosen population and include demographic data (location, lifestyle, age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, education, employment) Describe in detail the characteristics of your chosen, hypothetical individual or group for this activity and how they are relevant to this targeted population. discuss why your chosen population Is predisposed to this health concern or health need and why they can benefit from a health promotion educational plan. Based on the health concern for your hypothetical individual or group discuss what you would include in the development of a sociogram. take into consideration, possible social, economic, cultural, generic, and/or lifestyle behaviors that may have an impact on health as you develop your educational prep plan in your first assessment. You will take this information into consideration when you develop your education plan in your fourth assessment identify their potential learning needs collaborate with the individual or group smart goals that will be used to evaluate educational session.. Identified the individual or groups, current behaviors, and outline clear expectations for this education session and offer suggestions for how the individual or group needs can be met promotion goals need to be appropriate. consider goals that will foster behavior changes and lead to the desired outcomes support the health plan either peer-reviewed articles and healthy people 2030.