This video assignment provides an opportunity for you to research the climate co

This video assignment provides an opportunity for you to research the climate commitments of a country of your choice.  In your video presentation, you will provide some background about your chosen country and then describe their current Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the UNFCCC.
To complete this assignment, the following sources may be quite helpful.  
Climate Watch (
Our World in Data – Energy Mix (
UNFCCC NDC registry (
CIA World Factbook (
Climate Action Tracker (
There are six steps to completing this video assignment:
Select a country to profile
Browse the Climate Watch website to identify a country on which to focus your video assignment.  As a next step, double check the UNFCCC NDC Registry to make sure you can access your chose country’s climate pledge document.  WARNING: Some NDCs are not in English. You may choose any country other than the US. 
Research the demographic, economic and energy context of your country.
In your video, provide the following background information about your country.  You do not have to share the information in the order listed here, but your video should touch on all of these points:
Type of government (Hint: refer to the CIA World Factbook)
Population (Hint: use the Climate Watch website)
Population growth (Hint: use the Climate Watch website)
GDP/capita (Hint: use the Climate Watch website)
Energy consumption mix (Hint: find the relevant data at Our World in Data – Energy Mix. Scroll down to “Energy Consumption by Source, World” and then click on “change region” (in the top left corner) to select your country.  Check “relative” for percentages)
Research your country’s NDC
In your video, provide an analysis of your chosen country’s NDC. Your analysis must include the following information:
Analysis of your country’s emissions trends (Hint: use the Climate Watch website.)
Details of the country’s stated 2030 target (Hint: use the Climate Watch website  Most countries will have a 2030 target.  If not, include info provided.)
Details of the country’s net zero pledge, if it has made such a pledge. (Hint: Use the Climate Watch website.  Determine if your country has a long-term strategy and what it is).
Any figures/tables you can find will be particularly helpful in presenting this information.
Assess if your country is doing its fair share
Assessment of level of ambition (low/medium/high). (Hint: Examine the data you have assembled and provide an assessment. Use the IPCC standard of keeping warming below 1.5oC, when assessing level of ambition; the Climate Action Tracker website is also very helpful).  
Assessment of feasibility of meeting target.  For example, what are the policies in place to support meeting the target.  (Hint: Examine the data you have assembled and provide an assessment. Consider GHG emissions trajectories relative to targets to assess feasibility).   
Based on your research, prepare a video that profiles the climate commitments, actions, and ambitions of your chosen country.
Prepare a 3-minute presentation, with a slide deck that accompanies/supports your presentation. In terms of timing, spend about 30-45 seconds/1-2 slides describing your country’s background context, about 1.5 minutes on your country’s NDC (making sure to sure to describe the climate policies being pursued by your chosen country in some detail), and about 1 minute on your assessment. 
Upload and SUBMIT your presentation as a media recording to Canvas
You will know that you have successfully uploaded and submitted your recording when the confetti screen appears.
Tips for Designing a Great Online Presentation(Attached file)
VERY IMPORTANT:  We do not care about the production quality of these videos.  We do not want or expect you to do any editing.  All of the video assignments are about recording you talking about climate change. HOWEVER, we do care about the quality of your presentations.  The slides should be carefully formatted without too much text and with useful graphics.
You can do either South Korea or the US.
Please read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions.
Please use EASY and SIMPLE words and expressions since I am an international student.