This was my assignment, i did two interviews and had to write on them with the f

This was my assignment, i did two interviews and had to write on them with the following questions. I would just like you to read the essay, correct errors punctuation and if things need to be changed around that’s okay too. Thank you
One Paragraph: Address the purpose of the interview and write about yourself, addressing any biases you may have (we all do). For example, “I am a White Hispanic woman in my 40’s from a middle-class upbringing. As part of the dominant white race I have been afforded many privileges and opportunities that I may not have had if I was a darker skinned Hispanic… I approached this interview with a person of color _(name ethnicity/race)_ as somebody from a different background and with my own biases about race and ethnicity”. This is especially important if you are interviewing somebody of a different race/ethnicity/gender than you. You can choose to elaborate or leave it at that. There is no judgement here but rather an opportunity for openness, vulnerability, and growth.
Write 2 – 3 paragraphs for EACH interview: Using the answers from the interview guide, summarize the first interview. What did you learn, what were the main findings? Does interviewee think race relations have changed since they were a child? How did race shape the way they experience life?   
Include demographic information about the interviewee, eg. age, race/ethnicity, where they grew up, where they live now, etc. Use a fake name to protect their privacy.
Conclusion: 2 – 3 paragraphs. What were the differences/similarities in both interviews? What did you learn? Did it change your perspective on anything regarding race/race relations? Was the process comfortable or uncomfortable for you? Why or why not.