Descriiption: Write a 6-7 page research paper on a specific topic of interest re

Descriiption: Write a 6-7 page research paper on a specific topic of interest related to Women and Religion, which focuses on an issue, concept, practice, or concern that relates to Feminist, Womanist, Mujerista, and/or Intercultural approaches to religion, and which engages the lenses used in the course.

Purpose: To research a specific issue, concept, practice, or concern from within a particular religion, situate it historically, and engage it with women’s specific experiences, contributions, and participation in mind. To integrate the ideas and critical lenses discussed in the class into the contexts that are most relevant to you. (women and religion)

Instructions: In your paper, you should propose and defend a specific, substantive, arguable interpretive thesis within the bounds of the topic you choose. As you research, read, and study, you will formulate and sharpen a specific thesis relating the topic and the sources you have chosen. Your research should include at least 3–4 academic sources, half of which can come from the class readings.

Paper should:

Introduce the issue within its context ; you may provide the historical, religious, and/or other contextual dynamics that frame and help the reader better understand the topic
Describe the embodiment and/or impact the issue has on individual and/or communal lives
Explore the issue’s significance for the current day and, if applicable, your own context
Analyze how the issue contributes to or limits the transformation of the religious tradition and the particular communities it affects
Include your own analysis and reflection on the issue/topic (no more than 1-2 pages at the end)
In all these aspects, engage the issue/topic from a womanist, feminist, mujerista, and/or intercultural perspective and highlight the relevant Experience/s, Sources of Authority, and Participation/Subversion related to your issue/topic as reflected in your research.
6-7 full pages (bibliography/works cited page separate)
Typed, double‐spaced
Standard 12‐pt. font (Times New Roman)
1” margins all around
Proper citations — Consult the helpful “Guidelines for Writing Assignments” included under Library, Research, and Writing Resources.
Include Self-assessment