Description: For this assignment, you will create a slide presentation about wor

For this assignment, you will create a slide presentation about words, their meanings, and the importance of context. This assignment will help solidify your understanding of effective verbal communication.
Review the rubric for PowerPoint Presentations and the section of your textbook and in the learning activities for this module on verbal communication and language.
Think about a series, television program, or movie that people other than your friends, or co-workers, would have a hard time understanding, or getting the jokes.  For example, if you invited your parents or grandparents to join you and your friends for a movie night, which film would they have the most difficult time understanding the words, jokes, gags, pop cultural references, and would miss some or most of what the characters are saying to each other?  You could “flip the script” and consider a series or film that someone much younger than you just would not understand.
Pick a television series or movie that fits the description above. You are designing a PowerPoint presentation to help the audience members understand the characters and their verbal messages with clear explanations of what they actually mean.  You are the movie translator. 
The presentation should be engaging and informative.
Connect your observations and experiences to a scholarly source like our textbook.
Remember that PowerPoint is available, for free, through your Office 365 Account
If for any reason you choose not to create a PowerPoint, you can write a two-three page paper, not including the title page and references page, about three-five points related to the topics listed above. Include an introduction paragraph, conclusion paragraph, and cited support.  .