Each year principals are faced with budgetary changes. One of the toughest monet

Each year principals are faced with budgetary changes. One of the toughest monetary changes to handle is the sudden notification of a reduction in funds. The following case study assignment will help to prepare you for this common occurrence.
For this assignment, suppose you are a principal who just learned that your school district’s override initiative failed. As a result, you have been notified that you must cut one teaching position and cut 10% from your site budget.
Using the full site budget you reviewed in the previous topic, prepare a 15-18 slide digital presentation that defends the budget in a transparent, ethical way.
Include the following in the presentation:
The strategic planning and budget development processes used to create the budget
Visuals of major budget components
Justification of expenditures that include staff and technology resources. Demonstrate where the budget cuts will occur.
Justification for the one teacher you have selected to release, or present an alternative solution
How the plan promotes continual and sustainable school improvement and upholds the school vision/mission and the values of democracy, equity, and diversity
How the plan efficiently uses human, fiscal, and technological resources to manage school operations
How the plan proposes the mobilization of diverse community resources to support areas cut in the new budget
How the plan advocates for student needs
How the plan responds to current political initiatives and emerging trends
How the school will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan, including the school management and operational systems
Title slide, reference slide, and presenter’s notes
Support your presentation with 3-5 scholarly resources.