Have you ever wondered who the triplets, twins, or individuals researchers were

Have you ever wondered who the triplets, twins, or individuals researchers were able to conduct studies on to determine the biological basis of behaviors? Well, this will be your time to explore.
For your first research paper, find the infamous twin or individual study to discuss the biological factors that contribute to a biological basis of behavior. Make sure to provide their names in the paper.
Be sure to talk about whether they lived together, adopted, or apart, some background information.
Provide the biopsychosocial changes that happened. Discuss the climax or the moment that people started to notice the changes (for twins it may start to happen at the same time such as puberty), the moment they connected/reunited or disconnect, or die (for example, if one twin is in prison, yet the other is not).
Discuss Ethical and Multicultural concerns and considerations that were obvious in learning about these participants.
Discuss the biological behavior(s) that were dominant and recessive among them to show the significance of research in biology, behavior, and mental health.
This formal paper must be written using APA 7th ed style and formatting. There is no need for an abstract. There is no need for the conclusion to be on a separate page. Your paper should include:
title page – the title of the paper, name, course, school affiliation, professor name
double-spaced (entire paper, just once)
in-text citations
reference section
Minimum of 6 references (no older than 2019)
Avoid Plagiarism (taking credit for a work you did not do).
No more than 25% match will be accepted.
Be sure to proofread before submitting.
Label the paper as follows: last name.firstname_PSB3002 before submitting to “Turnitin Week 3.”