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With listening to the Very Bad Wizards podcast and watching the film Her we might be able to understand why philosopher Neil Sinhababu believes that we can have a meaningful loving relationship with a girl in another possible world. Possible worlds are a metaphysical concept that philosophers use to think about strange things. We have the laws of nature, logic, and technology that can hold us into thinking that things can never possibly happen in our world. Metaphysically possible suggests that we just have to conceive of its possibility on some possible world and we can then examine the claims meaningfully (this is why a lot of metaphysicians write sci-fi on the side). With that being said, we also see Theodore Twombly falling in love with this personalized A.I. do you think that this can meaningfully happen? It seems possible in another world we can see ourselves intertwined with the most high-tech artificial intelligence in a way that is satisfying emotionally (and probably physically) for us. Do you think that artificial intelligence has the possibility of actually having a meaningful loving relationship with us, in this world? What are the similarities and differences between Sinhababu’s work and Her?

Remember to respond to 2-3 of your peers and discuss where you agree and disagree.