This assignment is worth 100% of the total marks for this course unit. This essa

This assignment is worth 100% of the total marks for this course unit.
This essay aims to introduce, contextualise, and critically explore a health policy of your choice. This includes how this policy might be evaluated, and the implications of a particular evaluation approach for assessing the policy. Please refer to the Assignment Brief for any further information regarding this assignment.
For your draft submission, please complete Part A of the assignment. The essay should concentrate on a health-focused policy implemented in your country or a context that you are familiar with.  Part A of the assignment is due on April 9th.
You must include as much critical appraisal as you can throughout the assignment to critically appraise the evidence (within the word limit). You must apply your critical thinking skills by going beyond just describing what the authors did and focusing on the interpretation and evaluation of what they did within the context of the study, as shown in the ”CRITICAL APPRAISAL FILE”.
Consider the word count and the marks in the brackets when you respond to each question (See Assignment Brief file).
3,000 maximum word limit. It is preferable to include the references at the end of the paper.
References should be consistently laid out in Harvard format.
Submit word-processed work as 1.5 or double spacing and number the pages
Please carefully review all of the assessment task questions in the assignment brief file. In addition, refer to the assignment brief for information on the learning outcomes that will be reviewed in this assessment. 
There are also other materials provided that include important information about this task. Please read through all of the materials as some provide Course Material for this module, the Assignment Brief, and the Critical Appraisal. You can use these as a reference to help you organise your assignment response. Utilise the CASP checklist to appraise the study critically as well.
A marking rubric file is provided as well to consider while composing the assignment to check if the requirements for this task are met.