Length and Style: Maximum 3 pages double spaced and 12-point font Times New Roma

Length and Style: Maximum 3 pages double spaced and 12-point font Times New Roman. Try to use the full page limit but do not go over 3 pages. Material(s) copied and used from any unattributed AI tools such as ChatGBT will detect on Turnitin and be treated as a big problem. DON’T DO IT!
Write the assignment as an essay rather than directly responding to the questions. Make sure however, that you respond to all the questions posed in your essay text
You must put page references into your assignment whenever you make a point related to the text or the author(s) argument or ideas for both in-text citations and quotes (e.g., Brodie 2003: 45) and thereafter (Brodie: 48) – you don’t need to repeat the year)
Please use the full three pages.  Do not exceed three pages 
Be sure to put as much into your own words as you can. You should only have 2-3 quotes in paper
Before beginning your writing, make sure you are very clear about the main concepts and that you define them in your answer. Be sure to answer all the questions posed
NO outside references or sources 
Remember this is a politics course and not a economics course
What to do:
Critically reflect on the following reading:
Elson, D. and Cagatay, N. (2000) ‘The Social Content of Macroeconomic Policies’, World Development, 28(7):1347-64.
And then address the following questions:
What is meant by the social content of macroeconomics? How does it differ from the mainstream approach?
What are the three biases that prevent transformative perspectives in macroeconomics? Why are they significant for women’s economic status?