Please read and follow directions. I am supposed to do a research project on fal

Please read and follow directions.
I am supposed to do a research project on false balance/autism and vaccines. I already submitted my research proposal and it came back graded with a few things that need to be fixed while doing to research project. I have uploaded both the research proposal and the feedback given. Now I am in need of the project (reading material with questionnaire) to give my participants so I can begin collecting the data.
Please use the information attached and make reading material with a questionnaire for my participants. You may use Survey Monkey or something similar so that I can provide a link to the volunteers to participate in my study. Thank you!!!!

False balance: This choice REQUIRES a pretest, posttest design. You must first establish the participant’s beliefs before administering any of the materials. False balance is essentially testing the impact of inoculation (consensus information) on beliefs. The real questions being tested are:
Does the inoculation reinforce beliefs that vaccines do not cause autism spectrum disorder? (Stronger beliefs in the posttest.)
Does the consensus information change beliefs in those who start out believing vaccines cause autism spectrum disorder? (This is a shift from absolutely yes to absolutely no).
These are all nominal- or ordinal-level variables. Interval-level analysis cannot be done on the nominal variables at all or on the ordinal variable unless it is converted to a Likert-type scale—not just a numbered list. If this conversion is done, it must be explained in the procedures after data collection and before analysis.
If you have not done so yet, revise your literature review based on any instructor feedback you received.