This assignment allows you the opportunity to discuss how technology (including

This assignment allows you the opportunity to discuss how technology (including social media)
impacts and influences our health in supportive and challenging ways. Get visual with this
assignment and include links and citations. Choose something meaningful to you and include
cultural considerations.
Length: ~4 pages double-spaced APA
Sources: Cite at least 4 peer-reviewed sources
Steps to completion
Choose a topic of interest and email it to me by November 10.
Begin to research your topic – use peer reviewed websites and journal articles
Feel free to share a draft or an outline with me at any time
Include the following in your write-up:
• An overview of your topic – what do we know already, any relevant data, facts
• Based on our class discussions and your own research, describe the impact of this
technology on health today and in the future.
• Provide specific examples of benefits or challenges
• Include any charts or figures showing data
• What is happening with this technology now?
• What is predicted for the future?
• Identify any cultural considerations – are some impacted by this technology more than
• Does everyone have access – why or why not?
• As a closing paragraph and the only place to write in first person – Talk about how this
technology related to your future work, family, or yourself.
A few examples
Social media on mental health
Social media on body image
Wearable technology
Telehealth – health, including mental health
Online gaming and social health
Technology for prevention and treatment of health conditions