Part I – Topic Proposal  The proposal (one to two pages is due during Week 3) sh

Part I – Topic Proposal 
The proposal (one to two pages is due during Week 3) should describe the paper’s focus and your method. The negotiation can be one in which you were a participant or one in which you have been an active observer. Some examples of applicable negotiations include the following.
Workplace negotiation, such as a complex contract, new position, or new salary (preferred)
Business transaction, such as a merger or acquisition
Complicated real estate purchase
Union-management contract (including professional sports leagues)
Neighborhood group negotiating zoning concerns with a city government
Negotiation between divorcing spouses who have complex settlement issues
Negotiation between a vendor and business over products and services
The above are representative examples of possible topics. The critical thing to remember in your topic selection is that the negotiation should be complex enough that you can perform a thoughtful and critical analysis in your paper using concepts learned in this course.
Part II- whole paper combined 
Course Project: Negotiation Analysis Paper
The Course Project paper must address the following.
The paper must be six to eight pages minimum, not including the title, abstract, or reference pages.
The paper must apply the most current APA formatting.
The paper may apply up to three pages in describing the negotiation.
Negotiation should be complex enough to challenge students’ analytic skills.