Paul wrote most of his letters to the churches during his missionary journeys. A

Paul wrote most of his letters to the churches during his missionary journeys. As you prepare to study the Pauline Epistles next week, it is helpful to get a grasp of the journeys of Paul that are recorded in Acts. You will complete this assignment in two parts.
Part 1
Complete the attached map by drawing Paul’s first, second, third missionary journeys and his trip to Rome during his imprisonment.
First Missionary Journey (Acts 13–14)
Second Missionary Journey (Acts 15:36–18:22)
Third Missionary Journey (Acts 18:23–20:38)
Roman Imprisonment (Acts 27–28)
Draw each journey through the locations visited. Get creative! You are welcome to use colored pencils, fun lines, font, etc. Complete the map by hand. Use the maps in your textbook or the back of a study Bible for assistance. Each missionary journey should have its own distinct color to separate it from the rest.
Part 2
Create a presentation on Paul’s journeys. For each journey, include the following information:
The locations he visited
The letters he wrote
Two to three key events from the journey
Your presentation should include the location and/or timeframe during his ministry that Paul wrote each of his thirteen letters. Rely on your textbook for help with this assignment. You may need to look ahead at some letters to learn when they were written. Cite your textbook when you use it. You are also welcome to use academic sources from You are not permitted to use nonacademic Internet sources for this project.
Use cited graphics to make your presentation aesthetically instructive and include at least one map. The text of your slides should be basic. Include detailed explanations of the meaning of your slide text in the presenter’s notes.
Your presentation should be 8–10 slides, not including the title and reference slide. You must include the presenter’s notes for each slide. For help with the presenter’s notes, view this webpage.
You will submit your assignment in two parts. Your map can be completed by hand, and you can submit it by taking pictures or scanning your map. Submit your presentation as a PowerPoint Presentation. Submit both pieces of the assignment together by adding all files to your submission.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on add a file, then click submit to upload your assignment by the posted due date. Review the rubric for specific grading criteria.