Essay Topic: Rules restricting when students can use phones are on the rise.  Wr

Essay Topic:
Rules restricting when students can use phones are on the rise.  Write a 5-6 page research essay that argues your position or viewpoint on a recently implemented Florida statewide policy, signed into law in May 2023, that prohibits students’ use of cellphones during instructional time.  Proponents say the smartphone crackdowns reduce classroom distractions and improve students’ social-emotional and mental well-being.  Critics believe the bans could limit students’ opportunities to develop personal responsibility and warn that enforcing restrictions could increase harsh disciplinary measures like school suspensions.  What do you think?
In the body of your essay, you must include a separate and fully developed paragraph for each: two supporting arguments, an opposing argument, and a rebuttal argument.  In these paragraphs, integrate relevant research material from a minimum of FIVE sources (which MUST include the two provided articles by Lauraine Langreo, “Cellphone Bans Can Ease Students’ Stress and Anxiety, Educators Say” and Jeremy Engle, “Should Schools Ban Cellphones?: Student Opinion” in addition to your own research sources). 
1. The introduction paragraph should always begin with an opening hook, introduce the topic and its relevance, provide  brief background information, and then state your thesis.  For an argument essay, the thesis should clearly state the issue’s controversy and your viewpoint/position.  Write your essay intended for a general audience that may have very limited knowledge or awareness of the topic. 
2. Begin each body paragraph with a clearly focused topic sentence (identifies the main point that you will be discussing) and then provide as well as analyze the supporting evidence you have selected from your research sources.  In the body, address the following required elements:  (one paragraph) one supporting argument, (one paragraph) another supporting argument, (one paragraph) one opposing argument, and (one paragraph) a rebuttal argument.
3. When including research, work on fully integrating or “sandwiching” the quotes or paraphrases by providing a lead-in (author’s name and the general subject/context of the quote) and analysis/explanation/commentary after (to clarify the quote’s meaning, indicate what point it helps to prove/support, and explain why/how).  Also, cite sources to give proper credit in MLA format (including both in-text citations and a Works Cited) and avoid plagiarism.
4. Be sure you use FIVE (5) or more research sources, which MUST include the two provided articles by Langreo and Engle as well.  Other additional research sources should include websites (or web articles)
5. Conclude with a rephrasing of your thesis and a strong commentary (e.g., the wider implications of the issue, speculation about future impact, call to action).  You may also end with a relevant quotation, a response to an earlier question, etc..
6.  Ensure that all borrowed quotes/ideas in the essay are cited and complete source information provided on a Works Cited page.  Your complete essay and Works Cited page should be at least 5-6 pages total.  Lastly, add an original essay title of your own.  Re-read, revise, and edit your essay for best results.