Please demonstrate progress in the manuscript and data collection in relation to

Please demonstrate progress in the manuscript and data collection in relation to both 
quality and quantity use the following to write a 1 page summary on what I will do to meet the first part of the rubric see the following guide and the work so far
Dissertation Format: MUST FOLLOW!!!
Chapter One: Introduction to the Study Development
Introduction (1 page): learner introduces the dissertation topic supported by prior research as defined by the problem space. Include the purpose statement. Provide an overview about how your study advances the literature and the profession.
Background of the study (1 Page): Provides an historical overview of the problem, including early research to the present time frame. Include a clear gap statement “The gap that this study seeks to address is…..” The section should clearly identify what needs to be understood and why.
Justification of the Research (1-2 pages): Includes the problem statement that the study seeks to understand. Identifies why the problem statement needs to be addressed. Covers how the study will advance the theory driving the research study. Covers how the research will advance the literature on the topic. Covers how the study will advance both the profession and the population of focus.
Purpose Statement (1 page): Includes that following: “The purpose of this qualitative [design] study is to … [include the Problem Statement] at [setting/geographic location].” After that the learner includes the following information: “At this stage in the research, ___________ (central phenomenon/variables) will be generally defined as ________________ (a general definition of the central concept). The theory guiding this study is (identify theory and cite theorist) as it (explain the relationship between the theory and your focus of inquiry).”
Research Questions: Include in the list format the research questions that drive the study. Please note that if you are doing quantitative research you will need to include the following as well: List of the hypothesis and null hypothesis. A conceptual and operational definition of the variables, as well as their levels of measurement and the instrument that will measure the variables.
Nature of the Research Design (1-2) pages: includes a brief overview of the research method and research design that drives this study. Provides an overview of the general and specific population, the sample method including criteria, and sample size (note that quantitative studies need the G-Power information). Include an overview of the location of the study, and what permissions are needed to gain access to the subjects. Provide a very brief overview of the data collection method and data analysis method as well. Note that this is a very basic overview. A more comprehensive overview will happen in chapter 3.
Definition of Terms (1 page as needed): Includes definitions of terms of non-common terms. Additionally include definitions of the research variables (if quantitative) or central phenomena (if qualitative).
Assumptions, Limitations and Delimitations (1-2 pages): Define what the concepts of assumptions, limitations, and delimitations are. Then list 3-4 assumptions of your study, and identify WHY these are assumptions. Then identify and list 3-4 limitations of your study as they ties to your research design, method, and theory you selected. Then identify how you will control for these limitations. Then include 3-4 delimitations, which are limitations you the researcher have created. This can include the location, the population of the study and so forth. 
Summary (1 page): Summarize all the main points of chapter one. Then transition to chapter 2. 
Overview of Chapter 2
Chapter Two. Literature Review Development
Please note that your chapter two should include the following sections and address the following:
Introduction (At least 1 page): The introduction should include an orienting paragraph that restates the gap/need that your study is looking to examine. Then provide an overview of the major sections and themes that chapter two will cover. Then provide an overview of how this chapter was surveyed in terms of research. i.e. identify the search tools you used to find the research and a listing of the major journals you used in the development of the chapter. Note that 80% of the research cited should be no older than five years. The total length of this chapter should be 25-30 pages.
Theoretical Framework (At least 2 pages): Here you discuss the theoretical foundation and the extended conceptual framework that frames the study. The theory being used should link to seminal “primary” sources. Do not use textbooks! You analysis of this theory should clearly link this theory to the gap you are looking to fill.
Literature Review (50 pages): The literature review examines current empirical, theoretical, and relevant literature associated with key variables of the problem. In areas where literature that directly addresses the topic is limited, current literature in related fields is used to build a rationale for the problem. The literature review cites appropriate research literature to defend the selection of research design and procedures for this study. In this review of the literature you should clearly identify the themes that link to your research topic. In the literature review you should discuss clearly the research methods and conclusions of the specific researcher. Be sure that there is a clear link to the research you examine in the literature review to your studies gap.
Summary (At least 1 page): This section summarizes the chapter including a summation of the theoretical framework and literature review. Include a conclusion that transitions to chapter three. This transition should include a brief overview of what will be covered in chapter three.
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