Philosophy 20- Ethics Group PowerPoint Presentation worth 60 points The group will need: – 2 articles on the

Philosophy 20- Ethics
Group PowerPoint Presentation worth 60 points
The group will need:
– 2 articles on the Contemporary Moral Problem (Sexism, Racism,
Free Speech, Pandemic Ethics, Food Ethics, Climate Change). Pick
an article your team will defend.
– 2 authors from our syllabus’ material on normative ethics.
– at least 1 current event to stage the scene.
Your Group PowerPoint Presentation should do the following:
Stage a scene about your CMP (Contemporary Moral Problem, Pojman
Part IV, pg. 563-767), such as Sexism and Misogyny; Racism, Equity, and
Privilege; Free Speech and Hate Speech; Pandemic Ethics; Food Ethics;
Ethics of Climate Change in relation to normative moral theories from our
class (egoism, existentialism, hedonism, utilitarianism, deontology, virtue
ethics, ethics of care). Your scene must include a conversation between
any 2 authors that your group chooses on your specific moral issue,
relating to 2 authors from our normative moral theories, and use at least
one contemporary headline about which they are arguing. Pick a side
between your CMP authors. Use any two of our authors to support/object
to your position (Aristotle, Beauvoir etc.). You may use direct quotes by
our authors, but also must develop these in your own words to address the
contemporary case.
If your group uses a PowerPoint presentation, it should include 20-30
slides, and last about 10-12 minutes if your group has a voice-over
recording. After the Presentation is submitted in a Canvas a Discussion
Board, classmates will post questions about your topic, case study, and
representation of our authors. This presentation should not, not, not only
be a report on the assigned readings; instead, raise main issues and
questions as your responses to the readings in relation to your chosen
moral issue. Your goal is to get the class thinking about directions for
further discussion and argumentation. This is your chance to provide your
personal reaction to our readings, so be brave and put yourself in the
To find contemporary and relevant events: Review the headlines on any
given day. Find relevant examples in the news of your contemporary
moral problem that emphasize questions of moral relativism, virtue or
existential ethics, care, or ambiguity. Reflect on how you would respond
using the assigned readings in your topic. Consider how public and peer
pressure effects the actual decision-making process if either position of