Strategic Assessment of Etisalat in the UAE Market and Global Perspective

Strategic Assessment of Etisalat in the UAE Market and Global Perspective
Company Overview: Etisalat
Assignment Objective: Assessing Strategic Fit in the UAE Market and Globalization Perspective
Etisalat′s Strategic Fit in the UAE Market:
Market Positioning and Dominance
Analysis of Market Share and Competitor Landscape (DU)
Key Factors Contributing to Strategic Fit
Globalization Perspective:
International Presence and Expansion Strategies
Partnerships and Collaborations
Impact on Overall Strategy and Performance
Competitor Analysis: DU (Regional Scale):
Market Positioning and Competitor Landscape
Comparative Analysis of Services and Offerings
Key Challenges and Opportunities
Global Competitors: Vodacom:
Overview of Vodacom′s Global Presence
Comparative Analysis of Market Positioning and Services
Implications for Etisalat′s Global Strategy
Financial Performance and Strategic Approach:
Financial Highlights: Revenue, Profitability, and Growth Trends
Strategic Approach: Innovation, Investment, and Differentiation
Alignment with Long-Term Objectives and Market Dynamics
Summary of Key Findings
Recommendations for Enhancing Strategic Fit and Competitiveness
Future Outlook and Considerations
Please find attached a sample presentation, along with the assignment tasks and marking criteria for your reference. Your task is to create a comprehensive presentation analyzing the strategic performance of Etisalat, focusing on the UAE market and its global perspective. Below are the specific requirements:
Data Source: Utilize the annual reports of Etisalat for the past three years, with the latest report being from 2022, as your primary source of information.
Graphical Representation: Incorporate graphs to compare the dividends value and price per share of Etisalat over the three-year period. Ensure clear visualization of trends and fluctuations.
Market Penetration Analysis: Compare market penetration of Etisalat in the UAE and other relevant regions. Utilize data from the annual reports to assess market share, subscriber growth, and revenue contribution.
PESTLE Analysis: Conduct a PESTLE analysis using information from Etisalat′s annual reports and other reliable sources. Identify and analyze key external factors impacting Etisalat′s business environment.
Ansoff Matrix: Apply the Ansoff Matrix to analyze Etisalat′s growth strategies and market expansion initiatives. Evaluate efforts in product development, market penetration, market development, and diversification.
Comparison with Vodacom Africa: When comparing Etisalat to Vodafone, refer to Vodacom Africa, a subsidiary of Vodafone. Compare market presence, financial performance, and strategic direction.
Graphical Presentation: Use the sample presentation provided as a guide to structure your presentation effectively. Ensure clarity and coherence in presenting the information.
Graphical Representation: Incorporate graphs and visual aids throughout the presentation to enhance clarity and understanding of the analysis.
Please ensure that all information presented is properly cited and referenced, with a primary focus on data from Etisalat′s annual reports and other credible sources.
I have also attached the presentation that was previously made on the industry analysis.
I have also attached my research on a word document. (ETISALAT)
If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don′t hesitate to reach out.

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