The Power of Symbols: Analyzing Three Key Elements in a Literary Text

Examine three separate symbols (define them as either traditional or incidental) and describe how they work as signs within the text. Each of the three sections of the body of your essay will examine the one symbol and argue its symbolism. These sections must provide concrete textual details and your analysis of those details. Be sure to write a literary introduction, which have a different focus than ENC 1101 essays. A thesis appropriate for literary analysis is also required. A brief conclusion is also required. Guidelines can be found in the writing instruction in the module.
Each body paragraph must follow the FCEA paragraph model and should have a strong topic sentence that outlines the claim or focus of the paragraph, a narrowing to the specific focus/issue of the paragraph, an illustration of the concept from the text (textual evidence/quotes in MLA documentation), and your analysis of how the quote explicates the concept or argument of the paragraph (FCEA is covered in the modules). Remember not to rehash the plot excessively! Give only the supporting plot elements that are important (and specific) to your analysis. A good rule of thumb is no more than two sentences of plot summary per body paragraph (not including quotes). Quotes from the text(s), placed in MLA in-text citational format, are required for this

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