The aim of assessment task 2 is to enable students to build on their knowledge a

The aim of assessment task 2 is to enable students to build on their knowledge and
skills of SHRM theories and processes about career management and employability
through a reflection approach. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their
strengths and areas for development as it relates to their career goals. This
assessment will also help students to understand the connections between theory
and practice and develop practical skills in developing and managing one’s career in
a competitive and global world.
You will produce a 1000-word business report with at least 10 academic peer-
reviewed sources. The weekly tutorial activities and exercises (e.g. self-
assessments, case studies, scenarios, etc) will help you to gather data and
information about who you are, what is important to you and your career goals and
aspirations. The data and information you gather from the tutorial’s activities and
exercises will be valuable source of information for writing your report. Please note
report will address the following:
1. Self-assessments: clarifying your values, work-style personality and lifestyle-
trade off and identifying your strengths and areas for development.
2. Creating career plan and goals to enhance career-related experiences before
and after graduation
3. Integration: consider the relationship between your self-assessment findings
and your career plan and goals. How do your strengths and preferences align
with your career goals and values? What knowledge and skills do you need to
develop to help you to effectively pursue your career goals?
4. Appendices: the appendices are included in the report but will not be part of
the word count. The appendices include evidence from your self-assessments
(e.g. values, work-style personality). You will also submit the career
competency canvas, a one-page document that tells the story of your
career (The career competency canvas will be discussed in lectures and
The assignment is to be submitted as follows
• The font will be 12 pt Times New Roman.
• Line spacing will be 1 ½ (1.5).
• Word count and limit (1000 words +/- 10%)
• Paragraphs will have first sentence indentation.
• The report should have
o Introduction
o body (Part 1, part 2 and part 3 discussed above)
o appendices
o a minimum of 10 references
• Appendices may be used as supporting material. Appendices must be:
• (1) referenced in the text, and
• (2) kept in order of their reference.