write an informative, 2½-3 page essay, so 60-72 typed full lines of text. This i

write an informative, 2½-3 page essay, so 60-72 typed full lines of text. This is based on 24 typed lines per page at 12pt., Times New Roman font, 1″ margins, only one sided, and double spacing (manuscript format). A full line of text exceeds the halfway mark of the paper not including the parenthetical citation. The focus/goal of the topic must be conveyed in the thesis statement (which should not indicate specific points), and that focus will be subject to intense scrutiny for the content of the paper.
Research must be used and evident for the entire body of the paper (minus thesis statements & topic sentences), and proper 8″-edition MLA format must be used for a works cited page and parenthetical citations.
There should be NO in-text citations unless it pertains to a secondary source; all citations should be parenthetical citations. Checks to make sure that paraphrasing is effective need to be handled through Google Classroom. Each student may upload 3 times (without submitting) to check.
Quotation limits for the paper are as follows:
Quotation (4+-7 lines in length): 1 per paper (*different structure; see page 10 of packet)
Quotations (1- 4 lines in length): 5 lines minimum, 7 lines maximum
minimum of 3 sources for research with a variety of 2 different types of sources.
Various pages at the same web site count as only one source; quote sites and reference sites (dictionaries, encyclopedias used for word definitions) do not count as a source at all since no relevant research was gleaned. Students should follow the directions and sample works cited form from the MLA packet (page 11) to complete the works cited page and to cite sources correctly within the paper. If students use any online citation sites to provide formatting for the works cited page or parenthetical citations, students still are responsible to make sure that the formatting is correct and all relevant information is included. Papers utilizing APA formatting or any other format will receive an automatic score of “0” for the WC page & possibly the MLA citation scores.